About Us

Crossbridge Consult is a firm of industrial/organizational psychologists, entrepreneurial and organization development experts. It was founded by Akosua Agyeman as an independent consultant in organizational and entrepreneurial behavior in 1994. However as the scope of work increased it was registered as a limited liability in 2001. 


Our primary purpose is to improve work performance behavior in organizations, whether as SMES, corporate, non - governmental or public entities. This we do by raising awareness to their way of thinking and it’s organizational wide impact, how to develop change thinking and increase performance through new work behavior. 


Every organization is as good as the quality of its people; they are the critical interface in every transaction and determine success or failure. To manage the ever changing environment you need agile, flexible thinkers for optimal innovative solutions. It’s people who make the decisions to take action whether in relation to equipment, systems, processes, structures, technology or relationships to reach strategic goals and beyond.



We believe in raising awareness to the deliberate systematic use of ‘relevant’ thinking to empower people to change behavior and actions that maximizes opportunities and overcome challenges innovatively.  



The Crossbridge vision is to be a centre of excellence in West Africa, affecting thinking and work behaviour in SMES, public and corporate organizations for increased performance. 


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Our general approach through participatory and experiential processes is to identify

  • the current situation, mindset and culture,  

  • the prevailing multiple perceptions, realities and interpretations,

  • the blockages including things that have worked in the past but no longer work in the present situation,

  • agree on the desired state,

  • expose different ways of thinking.

We then facilitate a co – creation of new behavior by habitually using the relevant repertoire of thinking for innovative solutions.  


The uniqueness of our approach is that we

  • customerize every intervention, specific to the relevant organizational thinking and culture,

  • monitor all our interventions over time to ensure visible sustainability,

  • evaluate feedback for measurable results and offer mentoring and coaching where relevant,

  • and facilitate institutionalization through documentation of identified best practices unique to the client. 


We differentiate ourselves on specialized skills in work behaviour transformation, handholding implementation with client to ensure sustainability and measurable results. 


Our team of consultants have years of experience between them, using their specializations to effect increased performance. Over the years we have evolved with our consultants a business model based on consultant specific contracts, with Crossbridge Consult as the home base. This has worked very well, providing a constant vibrant learning and implementation environment in very cost effective ways resulting in long term relationships.



  • The ‘C’ Executive Mind

  • Performance thinking workshops for managers

  • Organizational Citizen Behaviour for staff

  • Productivity mindset for supervisors


  • Beyond Entrepreneurship –growth minded enterprises aged 5 years and above

  • Increasing turn over within 60 days

  • The person, The Plan, The Process


  • A Crossculture Mindset

  • Organizational retreats

  • Emotional intelligence for performance

  • Teambuilding for teamwork

  • Executive Coaching


  • Design and development of training manuals on growth and performance,

  •  Articles and newsletter


This centre is available for recruitments, promotions, career & talent development


  • Aptitude tests

  • Situational Judgement tests

  • Mechanical Comprehension tests

  • Behaviour assessment (group, individual)


  • Personality profiling

  • Graduate profiling

  • Job performance profiling